Soar with us within a spectrum of wonders


Welcome to Cloud Aster animation studio

A realm where everything is possible within the clouds of inspiration. Advertising, music videos, original content… We do it all!

If you can imagine it, we can animate it.

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Animated Media
Animated Media
We excel at producing different media pieces with the animation criteria of your taste with professional standards to suit your strive for sophisticated content!
Motion Graphics
Motion Graphics
Introducing a unique level of motion graphics outshining anything you ever experienced thus far! by the hands of our specialized team of animators. designers and voice actors.
Storyboards & Animatics
Storyboards & Animatics
Weaving a heavenly thread of peerless series of events to present you with our fantastic storyboards and animatics designs is the way! Turning the aligning stars of your daydreams into actual stories is what we do!


Goethe Institut
Khartoum Comic Con
Haggar foundation